We manufacture two models of Air Fluidised Care, both with their own unique features and advantages. PEARLS™ – Innovative Care and SANDS™ – Proven Care provide Advanced Patient Support to patients with complex wounds. Both models are appreciated for being user-friendly and for their reliable performance.

Premium model

PEARLS™ - Innovative Care

PEARLS™ is the leading-edge model for Air Fluidised Care. Valued for its technological advancements, it has clinical benefits with a wide variety of uses. PEARLS™ is designed to fit the human body perfectly and is able to bear more weight.


Standard model

SANDS™ - Proven Care

SANDS™ is our time-proven Air Fluidised Care model. For more than 25 years now, this product continues to provide reliable care and comfort to many patients in numerous hospitals and medical facilities around the world.

Technical info

Comparison Sheet

  • Maximum patient weight
  • Noise level
  • Power consumption
  • Adjustable height
  • Integrated decontamination
  • LED night light
  • 150 kilo (330 lbs)
  • 54 dB(A)
  • 1600 VA
  • Standard
  • Option
  • Yes
  • 135 kilo (297 lbs)
  • 59 dB(A)
  • 1725 VA
  • Option
  • Option
  • No

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