About Us

Based in the Netherlands we have been developing Air Fluidised Care (AFC) since 1994. With a focus on the advancement of new and improved features and strong QARA commitment we are a dedicated AFC technology specialist. Product reliability and excellent service support empower our commitment to deliver the best possible performance.


Remain in control

The best support for advanced care

We have always believed in the power of natural effects. The process variables we use in AFC, such as extremely low interface pressure, temperature and humidity control around the patient’s body and absorption of human waste are all physical variables that contribute to healing acceleration and optimization of patient comfort. These circumstances provide all the essential elements for caregivers to regain control during complex wound treatment and to prevent complications.

We Care. We Create.

The meaning of SYNERGIE according to the Cambridge Dictionary: “Combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately”.

It is a valid reflection of how we work and how we like to combine the expertise of clinical specialists, distributors, suppliers and service providers to ensure optimum patient support.

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