Air Fluidised Care

Air Fluidised Care (also known as Air-Fluidized Therapy/AFT) is an optimal healing environment that supports patients with conversion of tissue caused by burns, bedsores, ulcers and other exuding wounds as well as patients that require rest in a stable, clean environment to avoid complications.


The principle

Maintaining control

Air Fluidised Care guarantees extremely low interface pressure and encapsulation of bacteria combined with continuous temperature control and dry ventilation around the patient’s body. These circumstances will secure the environment to improve healing and prevent unexpected complications.


Air Fluidised Care

How does it work?


Conditioned airflow

A patient is kept floating on a mass of tiny glass beads which are ventilated at low pressure by a conditioned airflow. The resulting support medium can be characterized as a “dry fluid”.


Proportioned filter sheet

The surface of the glass beads is separated from the patient by a generously proportioned filter sheet that allows the patient to “float” freely.


Minimum interface pressure

The principle is to create perfect envelopment of any individual body shape and redistribute the weight evenly, resulting in extremely low interface pressure, below capillary level.

Infection Control

Clean Environment

The composition of the glass beads (high pH value) in combination with a dry airflow rapidly reduces the bacterial growth in the AFC.

Hospital Sheet
Filter sheet
Conditioned airflow
Medical glass beads

Due to the constant airflow which is maintained at low relative humidity and accurate temperature, all moisture coming from wound exudation, blood, urine, faeces, perspiration, etcetera will be desiccated, encapsulated and inactivated (1).

"Thanks to the intuitive software navigation, PEARLS™ Air Fluidised Care can be deployed quickly and with little training needed"
Markus Burdis
Manager Field-Rental Austria
"We had a patient who regularly was treated in prone position during his admission period of several weeks. No pressure ulcers were visible on the face or on the body. We thought this was very special."
Otto van Haren
Head of Department ICU/HC
"Synergie's AFC and features help our endusers to overcome problems with patients overheating in extreme summer conditions"
Jan Mikula
Soral&Hanzlik - Czech Republic

Our Products

We supply two models of Air Fluidised Care which are named PEARLS™ – Innovative Care and SANDS™ – Proven Care.

Our premium model for Air Fluidised Care

Our time-proven model for Air Fluidised Care

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