PEARLS™ has a contemporary design and incorporates solutions based on user feedback from earlier models marketed. It has improved process characteristics which benefit clinical performance and differentiates itself due to the possibilities to mobilize patients.


Shaped to fit

The wider dimensions of the upper body create space for the (larger) patient to fit in the AFC without the elbows resting on the edge.

Adjustable height

The frame is adjustable in height, which allows caregivers to choose their preferred working position improving their workplace ergonomics.

State of the art cooler/dryer

The air flow processing is equipped with an upgraded active cooler to control the continuous ventilation around the patient’s wounds even at excessive room climates.

Variable air flow intensity for mobilization

Infinite or programmed options for increasing and decreasing the air flow intensity support the patient’s mobilization therapy during recovery.

Detachable control unit

A control unit that can be detached from the bed unit for up to 6 meters in case of long-term care or if it needs to be replaced without disturbing the patient.

COMFORT air flow increase

A temporarily increase of air flow for easy repositioning of the patient while nursing. Activated by a foot pedal and automatic return to the original air flow intensity.

LED bed night light

Provides just enough light during the nighttime to see the AFC’s contour while checking the patient. Additional light is not necessary.

Integrated decontamination (option)

Cleaning and disinfection of the glass beads is possible without the need to remove the beads from the device. It guarantees prevention of cross infection between patients.

Accessories (options)

A full set of accessories is available to complete the system for a wide variety of uses.

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