SANDS™ delivers proven Air Fluidised Care with pragmatic capabilities. It performs on evidence based and powerful features with enhanced comfort.

Rectangular shape

The rectangular shape provides optimal access for caregivers to treat the patient and will fit in most hospital wards.

Adjustable height (option)

The frame is adjustable in height, which allows caregivers to choose their preferred working position improving their workplace ergonomics.

High capacity air conditioning

Accurate temperature and RH control of the continuous air flow through the glass beads is guaranteed even at tropical room climates. It has a major impact on clinical progress.

Level adjustment

In case of uneven floors, a simple, however very important feature guarantees an even air flow distribution through the glass beads. It ensures an accurate temperature and air flow throughout the AFC.

Detachable control unit

A control unit that can be detached from the bed unit for up to 6 meters in case of long-term care or if it needs to be replaced without disturbing the pati

Integrated decontamination (option)

Cleaning and disinfection of the glass beads is possible without the need to remove the beads from the device. It guarantees prevention of cross infection between patients.

Accessories (options)

A full set of accessories is available to complete the system for a wide variety of uses.

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