Advanced Patient Support

We believe patients suffering from complex wounds and other skin deformities deserve the best possible healing environment. To maximize patient recovery and relieve pain. To enable health care professionals to remain in control.

We Care. We Create.

At Synergie we understand the kind of support surface that is needed to optimize the treatment of wounds as well as to prevent complications. To avoid uncertainties which could increase the risk of mortality or extend the treatment period unnecessarily .

We also recognize what is needed for patient rehabilitation after an accident or during long-term care. That is why we have created

Air Fluidised Care.

Advanced Patient Support

The best possible care

Skin injuries, whether they have been caused by an accident, surgery or by being bedridden for a long period of time, require Advanced Patient Support in order to avoid complications.

Air Fluidised Care

Floating on a dry fluid

We supply Air Fluidised Care as Advanced Patient Support. Extremely low interface pressure and inactivation of bacteria are combined with continuous temperature control and dry ventilation around the patient’s body, this ensures the perfect environment to start the healing process.

COVID-19 application

Prone position support

Air Fluidised Care can be used for ARDS/COVID-19 patients that are treated in prone position for a long period of time. The low resistance helps to prevent major complications like abdominal compression and pressure sores. It also makes it easier to reposition the patient.

How to benefit with AFC for COVID-19 patients in prone position
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“We hardly see any pressure ulcers in the face of the patients in prone position, which is why we prefer to use PEARLS”.
Otto van Haren
Head of Department ICU/HC
"The best treatment for pressure sensitive tissue ever!"
Tore Tomter
Togemo AS - Norway
"Air Fluidised Care has proven its value in intensive care. With recent improvements such as an adjustable air flow, the technology deserves a place in prevention and treatment of wounds in care settings with a high complexity."
Eddy Koopman
Wound consultant

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